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FlameOFF intumescent paint great finish

FlameOFF constantly improves the quality of the Intumescent Paint.

Check how great the finish of the product is. Zoom it in. 57 Mils DFT applied on a structural steel columns.


When Fireproofing a Building, Spray is King

Fire safety in commercial buildings is nothing to take lightly. According to the U.S Small Business Association roughly 1 in 4 businesses that experience a fire (or other disaster) will not reopen their doors afterward. Of course having to shut down a business is the last of your worries when the alternative could be as damaging as significant loss of life to customers and employees.

Even if a business does reopen after a fire, it's a long road to get to that point. The building has to be inspected for structural damage while smoke, soot, and water damage must be repaired. This down time is what's crippling for businesses as customers begin to shop elsewhere and employees who need financial reimbursement while out of work start to look for alternate employment. 


Intumescent paint advantages over the Cementitious Fireproofing

This picture is a good illustration of the Intumescent paint advantages over the Cementitious Fireproofing.  The owner plans to tears this out and use FlameOFF Intumescent paint instead.

The Cementitious has been applied to this roofing system just 15 months ago. Look how bad it looks now, and it is already falling off. Costly decision. It will be fixed soon with FlameOFF Intumescent paint.


Holidays Are Hectic Times for Retailers

As the holidays approach, I get so full of Christmas cheer, I can hardly stand it. But, then, I don’t own a retail store either.

I know, this is the time of year the retailers sit off in the corner and count their money pouring in, right? Not so, because I happen to know retailers are working their rears off around Christmas.


New Distribution Channels Bring More Business to Villa Rica Manufacturer

Fresh out of college, golf pro Scott Soesbee frequently “talked shop” with members of the North Carolina resort where he taught. Knowing that he hoped to start a business of his own some day, he would ask for their opinions on the best opportunities.


Georgia’s Disadvantaged Businesses: Lots of Progress But Still Lots of Work to be Done

Prior to the Great Recession of 2007-2009, minority business ownership grew at more than twice the national average rate for all small businesses in the U.S. However, the affects of the Great Recession have hit minority businesses the hardest.


23 Unbelievable Ways You Can Use a Commercial Grade Fire Proofing Product at Home

The history of fireproofing has always been a topic that many felt was a product that contained harmful solvents and toxic ingredients. With newer technologies, fire coatings can be manufactured like normal paint with many of the same ingredients as normal house paint. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc has developed a water-based commercial grade and tested product for the average homeowner.

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