23 Unbelievable Ways You Can Use a Commercial Grade Fire Proofing Product at Home

The history of fireproofing has always been a topic that many felt was a product that contained harmful solvents and toxic ingredients. With newer technologies, fire coatings can be manufactured like normal paint with many of the same ingredients as normal house paint. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc has developed a water-based commercial grade and tested product for the average homeowner. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc also offers an on-line webinar with 23 steps from start to finish to help you complete your project like a professional fireproofing contractor.

Over 60 communities, buildings range from 1903 to 2014, currently use the product. Rather if it’s a historic renovation or new construction. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc has found a way for the average homeowner to protect fire risk areas in their homes. Utility rooms are the number one cause for home fires.

A dryer can erupt in flames if the duct is filled with lint. In 2013, dryers caused 14,600 fires, 20 deaths, and $86.8 million in property damage in the United States. The average size of a utility room is 70 square feet. One gallon of paint could prevent that from occurring. Just watching a short video class can save your family in the event of a fire. Fire safety is more educational than many think. Just knowing risk areas and small little things that keep those areas safe can make a life saving event.

Todd Anduze (SBDC) said: “We are delighted that FlameOFF Coatings, Inc is part of the Georgia Small Business Development Center.” We have nominated Scott Soesbee the owner of FlameOFF Coatings, Inc as Small Business Person of the Year for 2013.”

Scott Soesbee (FlameOFF Coatings, Inc) said: “ I have been so lucky to work with the SBDC and Todd Anduze in my local chapter. The SBDC has helped me with Brand Awareness and Marketing, enabling me to get my product to more homeowners.”

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