Out-Performing Fire Resistance Products

Protect your family and your property from fire requires advance planning before a fire strikes. This should include the use of fire retardant paints on the walls and ceilings of your home.

Our three intumescent coatings products accredited by third party labs.

FlameOff Fire Barrier Paint
This is our water based intumescent coating for building materials with E-119 requirement. For example:

  • a. 1 hour of wood trusses
  • b. 1 hour on wood wall
  • c. 2 hours on gypsum

FlameOff Water Based Steel Fire Barrier Paint
This is our water based interior steel intumescent coating with E-119 approvals on applications such as airplane hangars, interior columns, project requiring e-119 standards with low VOC. Better for the environment when the construction conditions meet the guidelines for interior use.

FlameOff Industrial Fire Barrier Paint
This is our solvent based steel intumescent coating for the industrial strength requirement such as high traffic areas, uncontrolled environments or where minimal exterior exposure may be required.

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What are Intumescent Coatings?

Intumescent coatings were first patented in 1948 and have bee sold commercially since about 1960. Intumescent coatings are exceedingly complex coating materials. They need to perform all of the three functions that other exterior weathering coatings do (adhesion, hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance, etc.) and then when exposed to sufficient heat, they need to transform and expand to form a thick, insulating, carbonaceous char.