Out-Performing Fire Resistance Products

FCI Intumescent Coatings provide passive fire protection for design professionals.
FlameOFF Coatings, Inc manufactures intumescent coatings that are IBC/NFPA Code Compliant for ASTM E-119 fire endurance ratings that require 1 or 2 hour fire protection.
FlameOFF Coatings, Inc also offers lesser fire ratings such as thermal barrier (UL 1715) and flame-spread (ATSM E-84).
Our intumescent coatings provide solutions to fire protection design requirements for new construction and existing construction projects.

FlameOFF - FCI Intumescent Coatings provide the installer an easier application.
Intumescent coatings offer design professionals many benefits. Passive fire protection can be achieved on many different substrates.Our intumescent coatings are thin-filmed and are not like the traditional bulky and chalky looking coatings. This allows the design professionals to use intumescent coatings in areas that traditional fire proofing methods were once used.

Intumescent Coating Benefits.
FlameOFF Coatings, Inc has engineered all intumescent coatings to offer a application process that is less complicated than other intumescent coatings on the market. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc offers an in-house/web-based certification program to insure that each and every fire proofing applicator has the product knowledge they need to install a fire protective intumescent coating to our requirements.

Intumescent Coatings that offer Integrity in application and design.
FlameOFF Coatings, Inc has a team of experienced intumescent coating professionals. We can assist in installation, technical, or the design phase of the project. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc offers on-site support during the intumescent coating application; we also offer design support during the project design stage.