Applying Flame Retardant Coatings on Wood

Wood fire proofing

It is not easy to find a fire retardant coating for wood. In construction projects wood is a popular substrate incorporated in residential as well as commercial projects. Most commonly wood may be applied in the construction of major compositional structures like walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as less central formations such as doors, frames, and cladding. However, wood is a combustible material, and requires extra passive fire protective precautions.

Wood is a combustible material, and a natural propagator for flame spread. One of the main goals of building and fire codes is to limit that spread in order to protect buildings if they are ever in close proximity to an active fire. Without proper fire protection a series of wooden panel structures constructed close to each other are likely to spread fire from one building to the next. It is vitally important to protect wooden panel structures with an approved fire retardant system to cut off flame spread and avoid catastrophe.

Flame retardant for wood in action
Fire retardant paint for wood

FR Clear provides a reliable passive fire protection option for wooden elements where an E84 Class A flame spread rating is required. Not only is this coating clear and odorless making it ideal for maintaining the original qualities of the substrate, but it is effective in slowing the flame spread as well as reducing smoke production under the heat of a fire. This type of treatment provides high heat transfer protection, meaning it will provide protection against intense heat stopping the substrate from igniting.

Clear fire retardant coatings/spray Clear fire retardant coatings/spray

Try the FlameOFF Coatings steel calculator to get an idea of the approximate amount of product needed for your projects. It is the guide you need to minimize the guesswork in your projects.

Steel Coverage Calculator
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