Applying Fire Rated Intumescent Paint on Gypsum

Gypsum Products for Fire Resistance

In construction, gypsum is used as a heat-resistant, sound absorbing, moisture-preserving, and fireproofing material. Gypsum is also used in partition and ceiling structures for decorative purposes. This material is often the first choice for wall-surface putty, finishing mortar, ceilings, and plasterboard partitions, among others. Many contemporary exteriors and interior construction structures contain gypsum products.

Gypsum boards, also known as drywall, are regarded by many as the best building material for ceiling, wall, and partition systems in commercial and residential buildings. An important advantage of gypsum drywall is resistance to fire, as the product contains water which is released as steam, slowing the heat transmission.

Gypsum Drywall: Regular Board vs. Type X vs. Type C
An applicator is spaying intumescent paint on gypsum An applicator is spaying intumescent paint on gypsum

The regular gypsum board has a naturally occurring fire resistance while Type X gypsum drywall contains several additives, including glass fiber reinforcement that gives it additional fire resistance. Another type of drywall is Type C, which is distinct from Type X in that it contains more glass fiber reinforcement as well as other ingredients that make the material more resistant to fire compared to regular and Type X gypsum.

In many jurisdictions, installation of fire rated drywall is required by building codes on the exterior and interior walls that are in proximity to utility rooms and furnaces. In commercial buildings, fire rated gypsum drywall are necessary for most of the walls and ceilings in order to meet building code requirements.

Intumescent Paint in Action
Intumescent paint in action

Intumescent coating products often come in the form of fire retardant paint and intumescent fire rated paint. Fire retardant paint releases flame-damping gas in response to heat, reducing in this way the spread of flames. Intumescent paint, on the other hand, responds to high temperatures by swelling for up to 50 times the original thickness of the paint and insulating the gypsum substrate. While gypsum boards have a naturally occurring fire resistance, they can be used in combination with other products in order to achieve a higher hour fire rating.

FlameOFF Intumescent Fire Barrier Paint 5 gallon pail for gypsum FlameOFF Intumescent Fire Barrier Paint 5 gallon pail for gypsum

Try the FlameOFF Coatings steel calculator to get an idea of the approximate amount of product needed for your projects. It is the guide you need to minimize the guesswork in your projects.

Steel Coverage Calculator

Our fire resistant paint can help you achieve a higher fire rating when used in conjunction with gypsum, raising the rating on any sheet of gypsum and often eliminating the need to tear down existing layers, hang additional sheets of drywall, or create significant messes in finished spaces

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Technical Data

FlameOFF® intumescent coatings provide the installer an easier application of the intumescent coating and offer design professionals many benefits. FlameOFF® intumescent coatings provide the installer an easier application of the intumescent coating and offer design professionals many benefits.


The performance criteria as set out in a building code are clear and unambiguous, and need to be tested by an independent third party. Our tests are completed by national accredited testing laboratories. Their unbiased results are the basis for our certification listings.

FlameOFF® Fire Barrier Paint has been tested to ASTM E119/UL 263 and ASTM E84/UL 723 Fire Endurance standards to meet the requirements set forth by IBC/NFPA Building Codes. Our product is ICC Listed and UL Classified and can be found in the ICC Listing Directory and UL Product iQ, and below. Please contact FlameOFF® Coatings Technical Team to receive individual test reports conducted to ASTM E119/UL 263 and ASTM E84/UL 723 test standards for all substrates.

Report number Details Codes
ESL-1191 Gypsum
ESL-1192 E-84 Class A
ESR-3874 Structural Steel

Fire Barrier Paint is a good option to consider when the coating product needs to be applied to custom or irregular areas, including in situations where there is not enough space to install additional layers of gypsum.

FlameOff® Fire Barrier paint can also be considered when aesthetics are important, such as in residential and commercial applications.

Fire Barrier paint can be top-coated by a layer of latex paint of any color. Even without the top coat, FlameOff® FireBarrier paint has a smooth eggshell-like texture.

Our intumescent paint is convenient in terms of simplicity, as it can be applied on gypsum with a brush, or spray machine, and this application is by order of magnitude faster and cheaper comparing to other traditional fireproofing methods, like additional gypsum or mortar.



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