At FlameOFF Coatings, Inc., we still believe in personally answering the phone. In fact, when you call our toll-free number, you'll always speak directly to a live person who is knowledgeable about our products and processes. FlameOFF Coatings, Inc. personnel have all witnessed fire tests and understand building and NFPA codes and standards. We work with building officials and fire marshals nearly every day, answering questions and providing test reports.
No. Since their invention, FlameOFF Coatings, Inc. fire-retardant and intumescent products have never been toxic. While formaldehyde might be considered non-toxic at very low levels, it remains a known carcinogen. At FlameOFF Coatings, Inc., we strive to develop water based products that meet or exceed LEED requirements.
No. Different materials require different products. For example, would you apply a latex-based paint to fabric? Our expertise allows us to always recommend the right FlameOFF Coatings, Inc. product for your specific needs.
In most cases, you can fire retard the material yourself, as long as you closely follow the application instructions. Because FlameOFF Coatings, Inc. products are non-toxic and water based, you can use a garden sprayer or airless paint sprayer to apply our fire retardant fabric spray until the surface is wet to the touch. In order to verify the product was applied correctly, you can perform the NFPA 705 field test after application. This test utilizes a kitchen match, kitchen tongs, and a small swatch of the fabric to verify sufficient saturation.

Intumescent paint is used in many types of construction including new construction, retrofit and defective building construction, and historic restoration/renovation construction. Specifically, our intumescent paint can fire rate interior structural steel, gypsum, and wood.

Trying to determine paint coverage with an intumescent paint can be tricky. Intumescent paint coverage rates are based upon Dry Film Thickness (DFT). DFT varies depending on the type of substrate and, in the case of structural steel, the specific steel members being coated. Please contact a FlameOFF Representative to figure DFT and coverage rates for your particular project.

Tip plugging is caused by solids in the paint that are too large to pass through the tip orifice. Diluting or thinning paint does not reduce the size of the solids. Here is a list of things you can try in order to avoid tip plugging.

  1. Flush the sprayer.
  2. Clean the rock catcher filter.
  3. Remover the gun filter.
  4. Re-prime the system.
  5. Use a larger spray tip if the machine will support it and the application will permit.

For Wood applications, no primer is required, but an all purpose acrylic primer is recommended to help limit the initial coat of intumescent paint absorbing into the wood substrate. Alternatively, a thin coat of our product can be applied to first seal the wood, followed by the full mil thickness requirement.

We recommend application with a commercial grade airless paint sprayer with a minimum operating pressure of 2000-3000 PSI. With this type of application, you can achieve the smoothest finish and, at the same time, deliver the maximum amount of material per coat. This product can also be brush applied.

FlameOFF Fire Barrier Paint is tested over bare or primed surfaces only. For this reason, approval for use over a painted substrate is at the discretion of the building official. Existing paints must be clean with no cracking, peeling or flaking. A pull test to verify adhesion may be performed. It is recommended to rough the surface of the existing coating to create better adhesion between the existing paint and the intumescent coating.

FlameOFF Intumescent paint is available to order by visiting our website at www.flameoffcoatings.com. Click the big red “ORDER NOW” button in the top right hand corner and complete the checkout process. Orders typically ship within 24 hours!

Intumescent paint is typically thicker than a standard latex paint. Our product, FlameOFF Fire Barrier Paint, is 71% volume solids; almost twice the thickness of a standard latex paint! Required Dry Film Thicknesses vary depending upon substrate. For more details, please contact a FlameOFF Representative to figure DFT and coverage rates for your particular project.

Once activated, intumescent paint can expand up to 50 times the original application thickness. Depending on the original mil thickness and length of time exposed to fire, the protective char can be measured anywhere from several millimeters to several inches in thickness.

FlameOFF intumescent paint comes in white. If a different finish is preferred, this product can be topcoated with latex or acrylic paints with a matte or low gloss finish.

We love working direct with our customers! All FlameOFF products are shipped directly from our manufacturing facility located in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend tinting this product, as any alterations to the finished material can impact the effectiveness of the coating and its ability to perform in the event of a fire. However, this product can be topcoated if a different finish color is preferred.

Our intumescent paint has a smooth finish, despite being 71% volume solids- almost twice as thick as a standard latex paint! For best results, we recommend working with an experienced coatings applicator who can can spray-apply this product for the smoothest finish. We provide a comprehensive application guide and offer an online training module for application as well.

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