Case Studies


Powell Industries builds and deploys power station for the railroad industry. They needed a 2 hour rating on all internal wall made of corrugated steel. After an extensive search for a solution Powell chose FlameOFF® Fire Barrier Paint as the best solution. The R&D testing has started and the full scale testing will follow based on results. Powell Industries in funding this project.

ADVANTIC LLC – Polymer Panels

Advantic is a global team of Professional Engineers who leverage cutting-edge advanced polymer materials to design, fabricate, and deliver structural systems for the civil infrastructure market The specimens tested at HPVA Labs did not ignite during the required 10 minutes exposure at 50kw/m2 and therefore no data was generated. Because the specimens did not smolder or ignite, the heat release is zero. Well done gents! Selected FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. after extensive comparative intumescent coating evaluation and testing due to product superiority.
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