2-hour Fire Protection on Steel Beams with Lforma

The Problem

Lforma is a commercial painting company in NYC with extensive experience in diverse project types and the ability to conform to the custom expectations of their clients. They are FlameOFF® Certified applicators and listed on the FlameOFF® Find an Applicator page.

Their projects in the past have included: Exterior Painting, office painting, and commercial painting, as well as extensive surface preparations.

One of their latest projects happened to be an Interior commercial fit-out for a new tenant on Madison Ave in New York City.

This project required a 2-hour fire rating on Steel Wide Flange I Beams that were being incorporated in this building’s design. Adequate building code regulations for fireproofing are critical to consider in buildings of all sizes to ensure proper long-term safety. Further, any solution incorporated in achieving the appropriate fire rating should ideally have an architecturally pleasing design.

The Solution

FlameOFF® Fire Barrier Paint was the solution of choice for this project.

Intumescent paint was specified by the engineer on the project as the solution for their fireproofing needs. These coatings have become the preferred form of passive fire protection for architecturally exposed steel.

FlameOFF® Fire Barrier Paint meets many of the standard criteria designated by building officials. This intumescent coating offers 2-hour fire protection on steel beams, as well as other substrates.

Further, it has been tested by accredited third-party labs, including UL and ICC. As of today, our Fire Barrier Paint has been tested to ASTM E119/UL 263 and ASTM E84/UL 723, Fire Endurance standards to meet the requirements set forth by IBC/NFPA Building Codes.

“FlameOFF® Fire Barrier Paint applies evenly on the substrate and dries in a timely fashion. When applying a topcoat, it absorbs nicely into the intumescent paint”

- a representative of the Lforma team.

The painters of Lforma were satisfied with the performance of FlameOFF®’s Paint as a quality intumescent coating.

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