The Problem

The local Authority Having Jurisdiction required that any fire protective coating used must be third-party listed and certified.

The requirements were the assembly had to be "Listed" as well as the manufacturing plant had to be in an Accredited ISO/ICC program for label certification, fire testing, and manufacturing. In this case, the actual assembly had to be fire tested.

The local Authority Having Jurisdiction also required the installer to be experienced in the field of coatings. FlameOFF® requires that all applicators go through the web certification program that is offered on FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. website. As part of our criteria, we require the applicator to have at least three years in the field of applying fire protective coatings.

The contractor and building owner needed a product that met LEED requirements. The building owner needed a product with Zero VOC's because the back half of the facility was being operated while the new facility was being renovated.

The building owner did not want to use a older a conventional type of fireproofing product due to the look and the long term maintenance of the cement type product. The retail store wanted a nice white, clean, and paint-like look on the ceiling. The owner wanted to use the ceiling to hang decorations and could not do that with older types of products. The contractor and building owner needed three things to be accomplished.

The Solution

FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. offers a quality listed product that met the local requirements.

FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. was selected due to the extensive fire testing of the product. The intumescent coating is an extremely hard, durable, and decorative fire protective coating. This gave the contractor the assurance that the coating would not deteriorate over time. The paint-like coating was developed with a hybrid resin that gives a smooth finish of paint but fire the coating the durability of an industrial coating.

  • Provide a Paint-Like Finish on the Ceiling.
  • Apply a product that is easy to clean up and not disrupt the operating store in the back.
  • A cost-effective product that could be approved.

With the high solids and volume content of FlameOFF® paint, the applicator can make a morning pass and a afternoon pass before leaving the job. This allowed for speed of application. FCI™ can be applied to a 60 wet film thickness and offer and incredible sag resistance on substrates.

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