The Problem

The building owner wanted the intumescent fire protection to be installed because the alternative would have been to place two layers of 5/8 Gypsum board on the assembly. The office was in-use as a family law firm since 1906. The old historic look matched the 1906 law books on the shelf. The Law firm goes back three generations, so the original appearance had to be preserved.

The client needed a product that could be applied and the odor not linger for days while they had clients in the office.

The client needed a product that was aesthetically pleasing because this was a functional law firm that was in full operation while the historic renovation was being completed on the up- stairs apartments.

The Solution

The architect firm spent days looking at intumescent coatings until they came upon FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. The architect was given the Third Party listing certificate as well as the ISO standard for manufacturing and services. ISO standards insure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. The architect firm received the certificates within minutes of the phone conversation. The firm forwarded the certifications to the AHJ and the job was approved within 30 min. There was no delay waiting for a letter from the company that attempted to sell it’s product to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. helped select the fireproofing contractor to insure that a quality job would be done. The local vendor was able to take FlameOFF's on-line application course to insure correct application.

According to Steve Haas, the AHJ was at ease with the application requirements set forth by FlameOFF®. “The AHJ didn’t want just anyone with a paint sprayer to apply the coating. We needed to be sure it was correctly done.”

The application was applied during the night hours. The crew went in at 8 pm, masked, taped, and sprayed the job to the correct DFT. Allowed the coating to dry, unmasked the office space, then left at 6 am the next morning. The Law office was open for regular business at 9 am.

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