Bartson Construction, Atlanta, Georgia

The Problem

The local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) required the fire resistance rating to be 60 minutes.

The client needed a product that was aesthetically pleasing due to the foot traffic the area may see. The intumescent product used has passed many different variations of the floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assembly. FlameOFF® offers the most cost effective intumescent fire protection of any other competitive products. The low DFT allowed fewer passes to be made and the mil thickness to be built up quickly.

The building owner wanted the intumescent fire protection to be installed because the alternative would have been to place 5/8 Gypsum board on the assembly. With all the wires and pipes this was impossible to achieve easily. The paint-like coating allowed the job to be completed within a few days and not weeks.

The Solution

The AHJ awarded FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. the approval due to the 3rd Party Listing Certificate. The indirect weatherization testing showed that the product could withstand an attic space and a crawl space in the hot and humid summer months. The authority having jurisdiction was at ease with his quick decision process because there were no letters sent on behalf of the company.

FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. was selected due to the extensive fire testing of the product. The intumescent coating is an extremely hard, durable, and decorative fire protective coating. This gave the contractor the assurance the coating would not deteriorate over time. The paint-like coating was developed with a hybrid resin that gives a smooth finish of paint but gives the coating the durability of an industrial coating.

The Zero VOC allowed for workers to be in the building while the intumescent fire protection was being applied. With the high solids and volume content of FlameOFF® Coatings, Inc. the applicator can make a morning pass and an afternoon pass before leaving the job. This allowed for speed of application. FlameOFF Fire Barrier Paint can be applied to a 60 wet film thickness and offer an incredible sag resistance on substrates.

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