World Cup 2022 Stadium Achieves 2 Hour Fire Rating on Gypsum
The Problem

The FIFA 2022 World Cup brings with it a revolutionary architectural feat! The Ras Abu Aboud Stadium will be created for the renowned football tournament and then dismantled following the thrilling games. A creative design will be implemented to accommodate this goal to comfortably house the millions of fans, spectators, and employees who will be attending the games.

The unique design will incorporate large shipping containers that will be repurposed for alternative uses following the worldwide event. This choice facilitates a modern look for the impressively sized stadium, enabling this temporary set up in a sustainable style.

Fireproofing 5/8" Type X Gypsum for the 2022 World Cup

5/8" type X gypsum, or simply Type X gypsum, is a type of drywall that is often used to increase the fire rating of projects. It is a popular choice due to its increased thickness and glass fibers that help reduce risks associated with fire.

On its own, type X gypsum provides a fire rating of 1-hour. However, the general standard for proper fire safety is a fire rating of 2-hours, which can be difficult to achieve on gypsum.

This material is to line the inside of the storage containers that are incorporated in the design of the Ras Abu Aboud stadium design. As the world cup is a largely famous worldwide event, hosting extreme amounts of people, it is doubly important that proper fire safety is attained.

The trick, in this case, was to ensure that the type X gypsum was properly fire-rated. Intumescent coatings can be incorporated to maximize passive fire protection. However, intumescent coatings with 2-hour fire ratings for gypsum are not common.

The FlameOFF® Coatings Solution: Intumescent Paint

FlameOFF®’s Fire Barrier Paint provides an avenue to ensure that proper fire rating is achieved in the containers incorporated for the stadium. This fire barrier paint is certified to ASTM E119/UL 263, providing 2 hours of protection for gypsum. Also, it is tested to ASTM E84/UL 723, & NFPA 251 with Class "A" flame spread.

As the only intumescent coating that can provide the necessary protection on type X gypsum, this paint created an obvious solution. Fire Barrier Paint is to be applied to the interior face of the gypsum within the containers. The paint will be applied at varying thicknesses to achieve the required rating.

Through innovative design and technology, the completion of the creative stadium architecture is very much possible. Further, it is a great honor and excitement to contribute to such an exciting and momentous project. The team at FlameOFF® Coatings is excited for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar!

Learn more about FlameOFF® Coatings Products, and implement state of the art solutions to your construction projects!

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